Saturday, February 16, 2008 mom from Billy

Bill and Jeff Beals went fishing and they came home with a Icechest full of trouts....I old them that was a great catch .What did you use for a bait......Well uh we found them in some bodys ICECHEST..........WE HAD FUN EATING THEM......
Bill bought himself a nice Wolkswagen Paid for it and had his own insurance on it.He worked for Alpha Beta Grocery store and got the Loan and insurance thrugh the company.That was his
pride and joy.He never let us drive it ........except when his Tank was empty.He knew I was going to put gas in it.After a few times I put only a few Dollars worth in it..He still let me drive it when it was low on gas.That CAR had to be sold when he deceidet to go on a Mission .He learned a great lesson from that.

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Taylor & Jodi said...

that sounds like dad alright!
We went fishin once and we got skunked so we went and bought some big old fish from the store and brought them home instead, but I think mom found the receipt and we were busted.