Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dad absolutely adored his mama. She was everything to him. He would constantly tell us what a good woman she is and how she wants nothing but to serve others. She was a great mother to him, even up until his dying day she took care of him. Her and Opa were so kind and showed such great love in the moments he needed it the most. I know he will be eternally greatful for the wonderful parents he was blessed to have.

Happy Birthday daddy. I keep waiting for you to call and tell me you want some good ol' mexican food and a back rub for your special day. Life is just not the same without your sweet words and great humor. You left such a legacy of love and faith in the Lord behind you. It will take a lifetime to retell the incredible miracle that was your life. Here's to being forever 49! We love you more than ever.

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Oma and Opa said...

Thanks Alicia for the nice comment.He was a special young man and had touched many lives in his Mission.We all loved him very much.Hugs Oma