Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Dad always loved photography and fancied himself a pretty talented amateur photographer. He loved to pose us and find just the right backdrops for his "masterpieces". We loved having him take our pictures...or were at least good sports when we would spend a good part of each Sunday after church posing for him. I wish I had some of our more memorable posed pictures to add to this post, but alas they are all at my mom's house.

Dad also loved to develop his own film adding special effects and playing with filters, light, etc. I remember spending hours with him in the "dark room" - aka bathroom with a red light and towels stuffed under the door- learning how to develop film. Those moments are very special to me and I loved that he took the time to teach me a hobby that he really enjoyed.

All in all he managed to capture a lot of great shots of his family. But the photo that he is best remembered for is unfortunately this "self-portrait":

I think I would title this one "Mustache in the Wind"...


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Taylor & Jodi said...

that mustache is glorious.